> Mark Lowry skrev:
> > Attached is a link to a screen capture showing the
> > same image opened in Windows Picture and Fax
> viewer
> > and in GIMP 2.4.  As you can see, the GIMP version
> (no
> > editing performed) has a haze compared to the WP&F
> > viewer version.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > This is very annoying, but I'm not sure which
> viewer
> > is at fault.  Should I submit a bug report for
> this?
> > 
> > Thanks ..... Mark
> > 
> Hello
> This is probably a color management issue. I don't
> think the image
> viewer in Windows is color managed, so if you also
> disable display color
> management in GIMP (File -> Preferences -> Color
> Management -> set
> Monitor Profile to None and uncheck Try to use the
> system monitor
> profile), does this still happen?
> Martin

My monitor profile was already set to None, but
unchecking Try to use the system monitor profile does
make the issue go away.

Two questions:

1.  Shouldn't Try to use.... be unchecked by default
at installation?  This would prevent some confusion,
at least it would have for me.

2.  If Try to use... is left checked, and printing is
done through GIMP, should I expect the printed result
to be different from the version printed through
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?

Also, at some point I've turned off the option to
automatically receive post to this board via e-mail,
but I can't find a link to get back to my profile to
change it.  Can someone direct me to the correct place
to change this setting, please?

Thanks ..... Mark

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