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> What about using...tags... for that? [etc]

These are interesting ideas, but they are fantasies at this point.
The whole tags thing is a fantasy at this point.  There is no
infrastructure in Gimp to support it, so everything would have
to be written from scratch.  That's months of work for somebody
with strong Gimp skills, even if a complete specification existed,
which is not the case.  Who is going to do it?

And, to repeat, even if there is tags support, there must be,
at least from the user's point of view, something like a workspace --
a set of brushes that are immediately available.  The proposal
I made -- simply separating the workspace from the other places
that hold brushes, and giving the user a way to copy things back
and forth -- solves the largest part of the usability problem, and
is not incompatible with using tag-based search -- or a tag-based
workspace -- if support for tags is ever written, which I am doubtful
is going to happen in the near future.

  -- Bill

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