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> And, to repeat, even if there is tags support, there must be,
> at least from the user's point of view, something like a workspace --
> a set of brushes that are immediately available.  The proposal
> I made -- simply separating the workspace from the other places
> that hold brushes, and giving the user a way to copy things back
> and forth -- solves the largest part of the usability problem, and
> is not incompatible with using tag-based search -- or a tag-based
> workspace -- if support for tags is ever written, which I am doubtful
> is going to happen in the near future.
>  -- Bill

Hi Bill,

I like the idea. This adresses one of the major slow-down factors in using  
Gimp seriously.

Like many things in Gimp , the tools are there and are good, it's just a  
lot of clicking to get them.

Since you seem to have gone a long way to implementing something workable  
that could be dovetailed into any eventual "tags" feature, it would be  
good to see support or comments from Peter's team to enable this to move  

This would definately be an asset to Gimp.

regards, gg

(I guess I should leave the tabs in the title so as not to break the  
threading in gimp-dev archive, not sure who added that ;-)

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