On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 08:37:34AM +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > And, to repeat, even if there is tags support, there must be,
> > at least from the user's point of view, something like a workspace --
> > a set of brushes that are immediately available.
> Sure. That is the set of brushes that match the currently selected tag.
> That would be the name of the project you are currently working on, or a
> category that describes the kind of brushes that are currently needed.

As a user, I have been following this thread with interest. The
workspace idea certainly made a great deal of sense to me. The whole
'tags' idea is fine too, but if I understand what is being said there
would only be one tag per brush. So say I have a set of brushes I have
tagged as 'funky', another one as 'staid', another as 'workhorse'. But
maybe the project I am currently working on wants one from each
category. So, using the tags, I pick the 'funky' one I want, then the
'staid' one, maybe two 'workhorses', etc. and move (link, copy) them
into the workspace, where they are instantly available during the
duration of the project. Done with the project, delete the workspace
(or just some of its brushes, depending), start on the next one. I
don't know anything about gimp programming, but I can't imagine this
would involve extra fs-access as was mentioned as a negative; wouldn't
the workspace just consist of pointers to the actual brushes?

Scott Swanson
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