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> I don't think we want to publish something and call it a roadmap. But we
> had the plan to make a list of important tasks that outline where GIMP
> is heading and what we consider important to work on. Since there
> doesn't seem to be enough interest among the developers and other people
> reading this list, we still don't have such a list.

I believe there is quite a bit of interest.  Here is my current understanding
of the "long term goal list".  This is probably incomplete and no doubt 
in parts.  I have tried to put the most important things first, but don't take
the order too seriously.  A few of these things are already under way, and
expected to be finished for 2.6, but I include them because they are not
finished yet.

* Move to a Gegl-based image structure, in which an image is
  represented as a tree of gegl nodes.  This is a prerequisite for
  many other changes, including:
** Implement layer groups.
** Implement Layer effects.
** Support 16 bit layers.
** Support clipping paths.
** Support CMYK internally.

* Make canvas drawing use Cairo, and consequently not use XOR
  drawing. This will allow great improvements in the quality of
  tool-interface drawing.

* Construct an optional MDI version of the gui.

* Change the PDB so that plug-ins can be made into GObjects, with
  their parameters as object properties.  This will make it possible
  to save and restore settings in a generic way.

* Allow libgimp or something like it to be linked with the core, and
  implement actions and tool operations by means of it, so that it
  will be possible to record and play macros.

* Enhance the text tool:
** Support basic text transformations.
** Properly support text along a path.
** Add a text layer api.
** Support on-canvas text editing.
** Improve the font selector widget.

* Implement a tagging system to organize resources such as brushes,
  gradients, patterns, and palettes.

* Make it so that sequences of transformations on a layer do not cause
  a steady buildup of error.  (Yes, this is possible, because any
  sequence of affine transformations can be reduced to a single affine

* Reorganize tools so that the toolbox is less crowded.
** Merge the transform tools into a single tool, with the type of
   transformation as a tool option.

* Merge the toolbox menu contents into the image menu, and
  get rid of the toolbox menu.

* Implement vector layers, starting with lines, rectangles, and
  ellipses, then perhaps moving to full path layers.

* Find alternatives to the floating selection when pasting.

* Make it possible to apply filters using a brush.

* Add a "save for web" feature.

* Complete support for metadata.

* Add ability to lock a layer/drawable.

* Implement autsaving.

* Make Iwarp into a tool.
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