On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 18:06 +0000, William Skaggs wrote:

> * Construct an optional MDI version of the gui.

That is definitely not a goal. We are not willing nor able to maintain
optional user interfaces. The UI has to evolve and it will be highly
customizable, but we are not going to offer an optional WiW user

> * Allow libgimp or something like it to be linked with the core, and
>   implement actions and tool operations by means of it, so that it
>   will be possible to record and play macros.

We haven't talked about this and it sounds like a terrible description.
Being able to record and play macros has nothing to do with linking
anything with the core. Actually, I don't think that we need to put
action recording on our list as that will become obsolete with
non-destructive editing. And that's the actual goal.

> * Make it so that sequences of transformations on a layer do not cause
>   a steady buildup of error.  (Yes, this is possible, because any
>   sequence of affine transformations can be reduced to a single affine
>   transformation.)

That is part of the GEGL transition and doesn't need to be mentioned


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