The common problem that I can see everyone is trying solve is to have the
result of a math eqn in the entry boxes. Beware of the random idea that
follows. And feel free to kick my butt- I am someone who has resisted to
look at the code for six years.

GIMP Calculator (or the "Script-Fu console for the masses"):
           This has access to all the elements of the current running GIMP.
Much like the Script-Fu console. The main difference is this can live as a
Dialog (like any other dialog - layers, fonts, brushes,etc).
           Another difference being, unlike script-fu console, the gui is
geared at quick access to all the details. That is , with autocompletion,
quick ways to choose window, layer , drawable, etc. Choosing their
properties also should be easy.
           It should be able to accept normal equations rather than scheme.
           The result should be draggable and droppable in any corresponding
entry widget. It should also be able to leverage the "color picker" and
"measure" tools.
           Another main difference from script-fu should be that it cannot
modify the current state of the GIMP - remember - it is just a calculator.

That will allow me to do flexible calculations like - The size of new
icon(image) must be 2.7 times the last icon i created. and just drag the
results into the "new image" dialog.
   The workflow i see is :
        I go to the "Document History" dialog, pull the image I want to
measure into the calculator  - the calculator expands it into whatever it
wants . I type a dot after that (to access the property) and it gives me a
list of properties in a autocomplete box. I complete it to "dimensions" or
"size" and add "* 2.7"

It shows the result as a draggable "measurement" widget. which i can drag to
the new window dialog.

The above looks like too many steps, but the repeatable manner makes it fast
- the human mind need not search for the information.

Laxminarayan Kamath Ammembal
(+91) 9945036093
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