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> some good news on this front, I have spent a couple of man-days
> rethinking and re-specifying the ‘no image’ window situation.
> It is now roughly complete:
> <http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/No_image_open_specification>
> If wrinkles need to be ironed out, let me know.
> The further fall-out of getting this done is menubar integration
> and getting the toolbox and inspectors off their main window
> status (no more dialogs in the taskbar). All to general users'
> relieve.

Regarding the "Overall Goals" section of the GUI specification:

    1. get the menubar out of the toolbox;
    2. keep the application instance alive by always having a window with a
       menubar open, even when no image is open.

I think the goal of making the Toolbox a utility window or dock should  
be addressed directly as an overall goal (THE overall goal?). That  
would seem the main point of this exercise. Removing the menubar from  
the Toolbox in and of itself would hardly seem worth all the  
discussion and effort that has gone into this.

With regard to the window closure behavior, I don't see the benefit in  
having the closing of the last image forcing a resize of its window.  
Once I have placed my windows into a desirable desktop arrangement, I  
really shouldn't want GIMP to automagically reconfigure things just  
because I don't have an image open.

Even upon opening a new no-image instance of GIMP, I am hoping that  
using the last size and location of the window from the previous  
session would be offered as a option (in Preferences), rather than  
having that dynamically chosen. (Presumably the size and location of  
the image window from which GIMP was quit in the previous session  
would have been saved.)

Thanks to the GUI team for their hard work on this project. It is  
appreciated and I do basically approve of the direction it is heading.

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