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> GIMPsters,
>  some good news on this front, I have spent a couple of man-days
>  rethinking and re-specifying the 'no image' window situation.
>  It is now roughly complete:
I've used Gimp-SVN yesterday to create an black/white image from an
photo to test the NIW. First of all I have to say, that I like it. But
there are some points that feels wrong. I don't know if this are Gimp
or  Windowmanager (Metacity) problems but I hope we can find good

Here is my list:
- The close button in the toolbox closes Gimp and not only the
toolbox. The best thing would be to remove the close button compleate.
If that is not possible it would be nice if it would only close the
toolbox. But then we need a way to get the toolbox back.
- If I minimise the last image it would be nice if the toolbox and the
layer window would be hidden too. Or add an way to see the complet
desktop to find images I've placed there.
- Do something with the wilber in the toolbox, I don't know why but I
don't like it there. Perhaps move it in the lower left corner or add
an different background colour.
- It was a little bit annoying to have the layers dialog always on
top. That was something I was a bit astonished about because I always
wanted such a feature. It's that I like to see as much from the image
as possible. To have the toolbox always on top was however very nice.
- And I still don't know if I like it that I have to click twice on
the image close button to quit Gimp. To discover this I need to use
the new UI a little bit more.
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