Rick Yorgason wrote:
> Peter Sikking said:
>> Close via the window manager (e.g. close box on the window frame,
>> close on the taskbar) is invoked on an image window
> Here, the spec states that the "close window" button may not actually 
> close the window, if it was the last open window.  There was a little 
> bit of concern over this earlier in the list, both in terms of usability 
> and technical challenges, and I don't think it got sorted out.
> It would probably be easiest if the "close window" button always closed 
> the window, regardless of whether that meant closing the image, or 
> quitting the app.
> Since the spirit of the idea is that the last open window is simply 
> reused, would you consider not resizing it?
> Those are the only things that jumped out at me.  I don't really agree 
> with all of the usability decisions, but it's not a bad starting point, 
> and I definitely can't wait to see it implemented if it fixes the 
> problem of utility windows not acting like utility windows.


That a window is not actually closed after the user has clicked the
"close window" button does not pose any techical problems at all. All
sane window systems allow applications to make the final decision of
wether or not to actually close the window. If this would not be the
case it would be impossible to click Cancel on the customary question
"You have unsaved changes in this document/image, do you want to save?".

>From a usability point of view it is quite a brave approach however, but
I think it will work well. Only time will tell.

Note that GIMP trunk already now has a considerable amount of the spec
implemented, so if you manage to compile GIMP from there you can already
now try this out and get a pretty good feel for what the end result will
be like.

Martin Nordholts

What we call the "no image" window doesn't really matter since that
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