Hi everyone, my name's Lorelei Kelly, and I'm interested in applying for a
GIMP summer of code project.

I'm a senior computer science and psychology double major at Grinnell
College, and I plan to enter a masters in human-computer interaction program
in the fall (in the midst of determining which program right now). The
projects I'm most interested in are creating a unified UI for scripting and
improving python scripting. I'm also interested in making GIMP resources
taggable, but I know less about what might be involved in such a project.

Last summer I participated in a project for the Grinnell CS department
involving the GIMP. The department is converting the introductory curriculum
(taught in Scheme using DrScheme) to a media computation approach, and they
wanted to take advantage of the GIMP's Scheme scripting to teach media
computation in Scheme, but were unhappy with the script-fu console
interface. My group set up a system that allows DrScheme to interact with
the GIMP via the script-fu server, so students write code using the DrScheme
interface, which gets executed on the script-fu server. For the past two
semesters, this system has been used by the intro CS classes. Most of our
work was done in PLT Scheme and MrEd, a Scheme-based GUI toolkit, but we
also spent some time learning about the internals of the script-fu server,
and working with tinyscheme and the scheme procedural database.

I've worked mostly in Scheme for the past year or so, but I've also had two
semesters of C and three of Java, and I've been learning Python and GTK+.

If anyone is interested in mentoring me for one of these projects, let me
know, and I'll answer any questions. For my part I'd like to know more about
what I might need to know or do in preparation for these projects, and what
expectations you have for my application.

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