Thanks for the response. I'd certainly like to see our work, which we called
DrFu, become more widely used, but I'm not sure what it would take. Right
now setting it up involves having both the GIMP and DrScheme installed
separately, getting our files into the right directories, and then using a
script that opens both programs and gets them communicating.

My first thought is that MrEd would need to be distributed with the Gimp
(from what I can tell, it's currently only available bundled with DrScheme)
and then I could write an interface specific to this system rather than
relying on the existing DrScheme program, which does a lot we don't need.
That would fit with the work I've already done, as creating a new interface
is something I looked into last summer but didn't have time to finish. I'd
then want to convert the system from relying on the script-fu server to
directly interacting with the procedure database. The server was pretty
clearly not designed to do some of the things we want from it, and I think
this would help make it less fragile.

The concern I have with this plan is I don't know how reasonable it would be
to add MrEd as a dependency. Maybe there are other strategies?


On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 5:05 PM, Bill Skaggs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Lorelei <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi everyone, my name's Lorelei Kelly, and I'm interested in applying for
> a
> > GIMP summer of code project. [...]
> Hi Lorelei, thanks for the information.  The ideas on the Wiki page are
> only
> suggestions, and you shouldn't take them as the only possibilities.  My
> immediate thought is that, from a purely selfish gimp-o-centric point of
> view, the big win for us would be to leverage your impressive scheme
> background, rather than getting you into a project where most of it would
> be new and you'd have a hard time completing it.  I wonder whether there
> is any possibility of doing something like packaging the interface your
> group developed to make it broadly available?
> Anyway, Kevin is our Scheme expert, and Yosh is our Python expert,
> so I leave it to them to respond more specifically.
> (If you are interested in batting around ideas, I invite you to visit
> the gimp irc channel, #gimp on
>  -- Bill
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