Greetings, Lorelei.

Based on your introduction, there are several GIMP related projects you could 
work on. In regards to the Python related project, the main person to speak is 
Manish Singh.

I am interested in your work with Scheme as my main involvement with GIMP 
revolves around Script-Fu and its script files. The use of DrScheme to provide 
a better way to interact with GIMP while developing or debugging scripts is 
interesting. Another possible GSoC project would be enhancing the Script-Fu 
console to make it easier to test and debug scripts.

In terms of priorities, a unified scripting interface would most likely be 
given a higher priority than an improved Script-Fu interface. However, project 
selection is based on the votes the student proposals receive. If you are 
selected for a project involving Script-Fu or Scheme I will most likely be 
selected as your mentor.

In preparing to start on a GIMP related project there are several things you 
can do. You should join the GIMP developer mailing list, introduce yourself on 
the #gimp IRC channel, and set up a build environment on your computer so you 
can compile GIMP from source. You should also have a look at

If you have questions about GIMP, or setting up a build environment (it can be 
tricky to be sure you have all the needed packages), feel free to ask on the 
gimp-devel mailing list or on IRC. For most general questions about GIMP you 
can usually get a quick answer on the IRC channel. Most of the active GIMP 
developers can be found on the IRC channel at varying times throughout the day.


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