First of all, sorry if this is the wrong place or moment to post this.
II think that integrating the separate+ plugin to Gimp would be a great 
GSoC project. The lack of CMYK color has been a longstanding request and 
this plugin is the only tool that approaches that possibility atm.
It would be very useful to have the plugin integrated to the open and 
save dialogs, adding lzw compression to the output, improving the 
usability/accesibility of the plugin interface, etc.
More complex enhancements would be: adding extra options for separation 
(black generation, UCR and GCR, point gain, curves, etc).
This would be really useful for print people and would -imo- stop a 
little the crying for native CMYK in gimp, giving more time to focus in 
porting to GEGL to finally reach that goal, maybe with less of the 
repetitive noise of people's ranting.

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