I don't know if this has been talked about yet but could be nice for a 
future version of GIMP.

Currently, in order to use a custom brush/gradient/etc, you must first 
create it, then edit/save/etc.  Every time you want a new brush you have 
to create a new one, even if it is a temporary brush.  Instead why not 
have the 'active' brush (and gradient,etc) always be user editable, 
saved between sessions.  The 'active' brush always exists, so does not 
have to be created before changing.  The active brush can be loaded from 
an existing brush, just by double-clicking on it in the brushes dialog, 
and save to a current brush just by saving it to a given name.  Also, if 
a future version supports more complete brushes with controllers 
controlling various details of brush (size/opacity/jitter/etc) they 
could also be saved/loaded from from/to the active brush.

Brian Vanderburg II
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