Omari Stephens wrote:
> Jim Sabatke wrote:
>> Bill Skaggs wrote:
>>> Jim Sabatke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>> It seems that in 2.4.6 that exif data are missing when saving as a
>>>> compressed jpg.  They are not missing on jpgs with no compression.
>>> There is no such thing as a jpg with no compression, so it is pretty
>>> much impossible to make sense of what you are saying.  It would
>>> be helpful if you would describe the actions you took and the
>>> error messages you received in a more concrete way.  What were
>>> the settings you used when saving as jpg?  What were the messages
>>> that told you whether or not exif data is present?
>>>   -- Bill
>> OK, I'm processing Nikon D200 NEF (RAW) photos with gimp and ufraw.
>> ufraw shows the exif data properly.
>> When I edit the photo in gimp and go to save with the standard settings,
>> the exif data do not show up on my pbase website.  This is a new
>> behavior as exif data have always shown up before.
>> I looked at the help on the pbase site and it said most of the problems
>> saving exif data come from high compression.
>> So, I re-edited a photo and saved it. On the the "Save as JPEG" screen
>> "Save EXEF data" was checked.
>> On the "Subsampling:" drop box, I selected "1x1,1x1,1x1 (best quality).
>> Then I saved and the exif data showed on my pbase photo.
>> I was mistaken that I changed the compression.  It was still at 85.
> Is the EXIF data not visible in the first case with a tool designed
> specifically for that purpose, such as metacam?
> --xsdg
I couldn't find metacam anywhere, but a search through
showed the program jhead.  Jhead did indeed find the exif data in the
photo that did NOT display exif data in my album.  Since the timing on
this issue coincided exactly with compiling and installing gimp 2.4.6, I
assumed too quickly that a bug had been introduced. That is not the
case.  Apparently the gallery program has changed in some way that
requires a different setting on saving jpegs.

Sorry for the confusion cause and thanks for your help.

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