* Jim Sabatke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [06-04-08 14:09]:
> OK, I'm processing Nikon D200 NEF (RAW) photos with gimp and ufraw.
> ufraw shows the exif data properly.
> When I edit the photo in gimp and go to save with the standard settings,
> the exif data do not show up on my pbase website.  This is a new
> behavior as exif data have always shown up before.

the opensuse team that is maintaining gimp/ufraw does not believe that
exif data is important to the project and do not include support for
exif.  I questioned stbinner at suse dot de several years ago (iirc)
and was imformed.  Perhaps several questions/comments from different
users would convince them otherwise.  Maintainers names appear in the
changelog comments.

I am assuming that my memory is not failing and you do/did use opensuse?

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