Alchemie foto\grafiche wrote:
>  gib_mir_mehl wrote:
> > Don't all those export troubles disintegrate once we presume a little
> > more confidence in the undo function?
> More confidence will require a option to save undo history.
> As it is now once the image is closed its Undo History vanish,forever lost,
> so can't be used to correct saving's errors 

This keeps me thinking. Given the case gimp cares for saving 
the undo history, where should it be stored?

Saving inside the image file would create bloat and is not possible for most 
So it must be saved separately. This is feasible on the local computer.
But what if files are transferred between computers and users suddenly miss 
their undo history?

What would a user interface look like for exporting undo history and
for merging the history with the image again? 

Are there already proposals for this?


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