> Looking from outside, i've gotten the impression that the GIMP project has 
> been
> beaten by similar issues before. I feel like too many GUI changes got 
> discussed
> to death, because no one managed to come up with solutions which fit all 
> user groups (let alone the coding perspective). At times, the project gets
> partially paralyzed by the lack of usability input. Sven's unanswered
> calls for specs are strewn throughout the archives.
> [...]
> Is it imaginable to have multiple GUIs for the GIMP?
> peter

Hi Peter

First of all, thanks for showing enthusiasm in hepling GIMP UI wise.

It seems however that you have not noticed the UI progress that has been
put into GIMP through the work of mailny Peter Sikking. In fact, several
UI related specifications has been written by Peter Sikking and
implemented by the core developers.

I suggest you check out the UI wiki [1] to get a view of the current
GIMP UI state, and then coordinate with the existing UI people.

Regarding multiple UIs, the big problem with that is that it multiplies
the required efforts in several areas: coding, documentation, knowledge
when giving help, and so on.

Best regards,
Martin Nordholts
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