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> Quite paradoxically, splitting UI development into GIMP-Pro and
> GIMP-Standard could be beneficial for the GIMP as a project.

I don't think so. Such a split would make coding a lot more difficult
and less fun. Since our product vision clearly targets the pro user, I
don't see why we should go through the hassle of adding an extra user
interface for the people who actually don't need a professional image

> This is not saying that such a split is desirable or unavoidable,
> the point is that it may speed up UI development by not hunting
> for the one unified GUI anymore. In case of the Export/Save logic such
> a solution may even be impossible due to problem roots outside the GIMP.
> I see the current state of Export/Save as the result of a not-untangled 
> development process. The Pro users, in utter need of Export workflow 
> automation 
> features, get thwarted by useless dialogs (from their perspective), while 
> Standard users are confused and usability measures are shurely subterraneous.
> No one is happy with that.

It is up to the user interaction designers to solve this. But I doubt
that the whole user interface needs to be split in order to do that. If
there's really a need for a pro mode when it comes to saving (and I very
much doubt that), then we can add that. But I would like to see a
complete spec first.

> The corresponding arguments in turn have been ping-ponged for years. Every now
> and then, someone new comes by and restarts the whole cycle, like myself.

Well, we had these discussions because we didn't have a clear product
vision until recently.

> If all this energy could be freed for speccing & coding less universal UIs,
> i guess GIMP would make quick advances towards both an efficient Pro 
> interface 
> and a reasonably conforming Standard UI.

You are making the wrong assumption here that the same people that write
the specs would also implement them. That is not any longer true and it
has shown to be a good thing to split this. So there is absolutely no
waste of energy if the user interaction architects and user interface
designers talk about the changes that should be done in the next
development cycle while the developers are busy implementing what needs
to be done for the next release.


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