> 3)  Putting Text on a .png (in-place file editing)
>     - Open bla.png
>     - Text layer created
>     - Export to bla.png                 exporting to currently opened file is 
> admittedly ugly, but
>                                         consistent. The image stays dirty as 
> the layer data
>                                         has not been saved.
>     - confirm overwrite protection    
>     - check result in web browser
>     - Modify Text size
>     - Export to bla.png again
>     - confirm overwrite protection    
>     - check result OK
>     - last finetuning, e.g. brightness
>     - Save                              dialog pops up, warning of layer data 
> loss
>     - Convert to PNG (dialog button)    layers get merged, image gets saved 
> to bla.png
>                                         and flagged clean.
>     - Close                             no warning here    

Two problems/questions on this workflow:

1. Every checkpoint of the file (saving in case of disaster),
something which now is just a Ctrl-S, becomes an operation that
requires going through at least one scary dialog (the overwrite
one) and sometimes two (at least the first time, where the user
has to select the same filename that GIMP already knows).

2. Why would a user use Export for every save except the last one,
then suddenly switch to using a completely different command to save?
How would they learn to do this? Because of GIMP warning them when
they try to quit that the file hasn't been properly saved? Won't
most users say "But I just saved it!", click Quit Anyway, and then
go complain to someone about how GIMP often, but not always, says
images haven't been saved when they really have?

This model seems much more confusing for users since they have to
understand a lot more about what makes an image compatible with each
format they might save to. (I know it seems patently obvious to
anyone on this list why adding a text layer is different from doing
a crop, but when you talk to users who mostly edit photos, a lot of
them aren't very clear on differences between image formats.)

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