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> The basic idea is to forbid 'Save' to PNG here.

Which of course would be stupid, since PNG is a perfectly valid
information-loss-free choice in many cases, same with many other data
formats. Not every work includes dozens of layers and stuff, many
image manipulation happen without any of that and thus is perfectly
save in almost any format, introducing a forced export would we very
cumbersome and non-intuitive.

To sum some of my thoughts things up:

The export file dialog is currently a bit confusing, since the meaning
of 'Ignore' isn't obvious. I think "Ignore" should either be renamed
to "Save Current Layer" or removed and the same functionality offered
via a menu entry "File/Save Current Layer".

I found "File/Save As Copy" a little confusing at first, since its not
obvious how it differs from a plain "Save", in its functionality it is
similar to what other applications offer as "Export", except that it
doesn't restrict the exported format, which is a good thing, since I
always found it annoying to be forced to switch to another dialog just
because I wanted to save in a different format. So while not obvious
at first, it does what the name says, is used in other Gnome apps and
doesn't cause any damage when used instead of "Save". So leave it as

When it comes to information loss due to compression as with JPEGs a
reorder/rename/change of the File menu functions won't help. The user
simply needs to learn what a JPEG does, something that could be easily
done for example with a better JPEG export dialog that gives a preview
of the current quality setting.

xcf file ending is a non-intuitive, it is not obvious that this is the
native Gimp for format. It is already listed at the top in the file
format box, maybe it could be made even clearer, for example by
inserting a separator between the native formats and the non-native
ones. "Gimp xcf image" could be renamed to something more obvious
"Native Gimp image" or something like that to make it clearer that it
is the 'real thing' instead of just an export format.

There already is a nag-screen informing the user of what he is going
to do, so I don't see any real danger of information loss. A way to
perfamently hide the nag screen however might be nice.

A useful addition to Gimp would be an auto-save. Not only could it be
used to periodically save the image to prevent data loss in case of
crashes, it could also be used to store .xcf files for exported files
automatically, when opening such an exported file Gimp could then
offer an option to recover the original .xcf data from the auto-save.

Overall I really don't see a need to completly revamp Gimps
Export/Save interface, the current one is working quite well, a bit
polish here and there can't hurd, but the overall workflow is quite

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