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   A useful addition to Gimp would be an auto-save. Not only could it
   be used to periodically save the image to prevent data loss in case
   of crashes, it could also be used to store .xcf files for exported
   files automatically, when opening such an exported file Gimp could
   then offer an option to recover the original .xcf data from the

One issue that needs to be considered with that is what is done with
very large images.  For example, I have a 96 megapixel image that with
multiple layers and all that winds up at over 900 megabytes.  Even
with a very fast computer and RAID array, the autosave delay will be
significant; on the computer I created this on (Athlon 64 3000+ with 2
GB and a drive that would get 40 MB/sec on a good day) the delay would
be unacceptable (as I recall, it took at least a minute to save this,
sometimes several minutes).

There's also the storage implication of this.

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