On Sun, Jul 06, 2008 at 09:54:50PM -0700, Bill Skaggs wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 9:41 PM, Rogier Wolff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > But then why, on a machine with 700Mb RAM, does EVERYTHING take
> > so very long? My image is "only 50Mpixel".

> The minimum memory usage for a 50 Mpixel RGBA image is 400 MB, and
> that's if you only have a single layer.  So given the amount of
> memory needed for other purposes in a modern operating system, it's
> likely that gimp is swapping very frequently.  700 MB is low to be
> running Gimp in the first place, and much more so if you're going to
> work with large images.  Gimp is going in directions that should
> eventually make it work better in this kind of scenario, but for now
> and the near future, the best advice is to get more RAM.  -- Bill

OK. I've scaled my image down by a factor of three on both axes, so
I now have a workable amount of pixels/RAM. 

I forgot to photograph part of the sky. So I need to stitch some blue
to the image I have. 

I've used the color picker, and the fill gradient tool to create some
sky pixels that look almost ok. 

If I'm zoomed in a bit, and somehow the whole image is selected, if I
try to create a selection, I always "move the selection" instead of
creating a new selection. I have to zoom out to be able to "invite" 
part of "outside the image" into view, so that I can click outside
the image to start a new selection. There is probably something I'm
missing here. 

Next, the line between the photographed sky and the gradient is
sometimes visible. So I want to smudge this a bit. 

First I thought there was a tool that would even out the pixels under
the cursor, to do this. 

However the smudge tool seems to work differently. I have to drag to
create a source and then let go where I want to drag those
pixels. Fine.

So click on one side of the "edge", drag to the edge, let go. (with
the biggest fuzzy cicle tool). After doing that two or three times, my
view suddenly shifts, the middle of the image is in view, and
apparently I've smudged a whole horizontal line. Part of my picture is
completely smudged over the whole width of the image. It happens every
three or four times I try to smudge that edge away. 

Is this a bug? Or am I missing something again?


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