it would have helped a lot if you had changed the subject of your mail,
since apparently you have changed the topic completely. Also your mail
should have better been send to the gimp-user list. Please do that next
time you have questions on using GIMP.

On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 08:45 +0200, Rogier Wolff wrote:

> If I'm zoomed in a bit, and somehow the whole image is selected, if I
> try to create a selection, I always "move the selection" instead of
> creating a new selection. I have to zoom out to be able to "invite" 
> part of "outside the image" into view, so that I can click outside
> the image to start a new selection. There is probably something I'm
> missing here. 

Have a look at the Layers dialog. I guess you have a Floating Selection,
probably as a result from using the Scale tool.

> Next, the line between the photographed sky and the gradient is
> sometimes visible. So I want to smudge this a bit. 
> First I thought there was a tool that would even out the pixels under
> the cursor, to do this. 
> However the smudge tool seems to work differently. I have to drag to
> create a source and then let go where I want to drag those
> pixels. Fine.

Sorry, but this is not how the Smudge tool works.

> So click on one side of the "edge", drag to the edge, let go. (with
> the biggest fuzzy cicle tool). After doing that two or three times, my
> view suddenly shifts, the middle of the image is in view, and
> apparently I've smudged a whole horizontal line. Part of my picture is
> completely smudged over the whole width of the image. It happens every
> three or four times I try to smudge that edge away. 
> Is this a bug? Or am I missing something again?

Are you sure you are using GIMP 2.4? We changed the paint tool behavior
to not auto-scroll when the brush tip hits the edge of the view. What
you are describing sounds like the behavior of GIMP 2.2.


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