could do a bit of refresh untill it gets to next stable. I'd say why
not make gimp's site more inviting to artistic people, by adding a
poll or comment feature,a place where people can write tutorials or
speedpaints done by gimp (attaching images/embeding youtube) (see Open
Canvas' website).. also ask artists who use gimp to submit things like
palettes,brushes,skreentones ,and so on..or just add a link to (which btw is growing nicely), make polls about which
screentone,etc should be included in next gimp,which are the most
favorable ones,and so on.. I think that such a thing will make people
check gimp up more oftenly and its website too..

i would suggest this palette:
its a copic markers palette with all the copic markers colors.You know
how expensive these are? How much people love buying them exactly
because of their colors? =P

also more dot-like dojinshi/manga/comic book screentones..
Gimp's brushes could use some new and nice ones. If all must be GPL, I
am willing to remake one or two,just to make them avaiable in gimp as
default. =)
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