On Sat, 2008-08-23 at 22:29 +0300, Alexia Death wrote:

> I think I need to state that my image was not an "exactly like this" 
> proposal. 
> There are altogether three points it tries to make. First, the image window 
> needs to be incorporated into the default layout. 

Care to explain how the image window is not incorporated into the
default layout right now? It has exactly the size given in the spec:

The default position given in the spec is somewhat ambiguous as there's
no default position of an image window. Perhaps this needs to be
specified more clearly. Until then we solved this by telling the window
manager that we would like the no-image window centered on first

> Yes, tool options need to be visible by default and so does layers
> dialog, I agree... But that is secondary to the generic layout.

It is the primary goal that we need to meet with the default layout. The
users need the tool-options (all of it, without any scrollbars) and they
need the layers dialog. Both visible at the same time. This is crucial
for them to understand how GIMP works. And I don't see how we could do
that without opening two docks.

For this release we have at least managed to open the second dock at the
right edge of the screen. That was not possible with GIMP 2.4.


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