I agree with you, Alexia.
maybe we can also look at Macromedia user interface, such as: Flash,
Fireworks or Dreamweaver UI, their UI is different from Photoshop but still
easy to learn, simple to manage, and extensible. Even i think Macromedia
have better UI than Adobe.

this is my suggestions for new GIMP default layout, i don't go to specific
layout but i only have few things that imo need to give more attentions:

- Big Workspace
Graphics artist need a Big Workspace, just imagine our monitor as the canvas
then users will want it all screen area is available as work area if
possible so imo toolbox should be as small as possible and tool options
should be able to hide and show using one-click or one-shortcut.

- Workspace layout dialog
Workspace layout with keyboards shortcut also can be saved and load with
simple dialog with some presets (ready to use layout or default layout), so
artist only need to setup the workspace and shortcuts that he comfortable
and can bring that settings to other computer easily. Default layout is
useful for education process which need consistent UI that will make easier
to remember for the first time learner and if accidentally changed by user,
we can easily put it back to the default layout.

- Workflows.
This is one thing that almost invisible on the programs UI, but if we
carefully look at programs with great UI that surely for every aspect of the
UI is tweaked to produce faster step to be done for all common workflows for
every users. Common workflows only can be asked to the users that using the
programs a lot and this users usually use it for their daily professional
jobs, for example: photographer, they have "photo post-processing or raw
workflow", web designer, they have "web layouting and slicing workflow",
design graphic, they have "color preparation and color separation workflow",
and many more others.

So every single UI elements such as icon, menu, shortcuts, etc is tweaked to
improve how faster the workflows can be done, for example: if user doing
selection then usually there is couple operation that follow that selection
process so after the selection finish the mouse cursor change to move mode
and right-click menu will show operation such as: cut, copy, delete or move.
This need context menu feature, menu that can be changed based on activated

ek kian

On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 3:00 AM, Alexia Death <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Saturday 23 August 2008 22:51:51 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > that's the second time you propose "familiarity" for a first time user.
> > How can a first time user be familiar with anything? Or is this another
> > "Gimp should look and behave like Photoshop" proposal?
> No it should not look like Photoshop. First time user is just as likely to
> be
> unfamiliar with Photoshop as Gimp. What it wuld not hurt to look like a bit
> is
> Inkscape and yes, im horrified to say, MS Paint. Both have similar
> toolboxes.
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