> Well I'm not sure it is valid to call it "faulty" since you've obviously
managed to build something with it, but it doesn't sound as if you at
all use the build system GIMP is meant to be build with, namely
autotools (Automake, Autoconf etc).

I did the following :-

Windows XP development system, running MSDev as my main development

Full cygwin development tree install.

1. configure
2. make

3. Configure & compile errors ...
4. Figure out missing dependencies, environment variables that needed
setting, etc ..
5. Repeat as necessary, with necessary modification of gimp.h at one point
to parse the 
command line.

I had to spend around a day and a half messing about to do something that
should have 
taken around half an hour.

It should not be particularly difficult to enhance your build system to
build natively on 
Windows. I suggest looking at the Mozilla build system for an example of
how to do this 

Its always a pain getting up & running with a new development tree, but
things could be 
more straightforward.

One example. This pkgconfig thingy.  In every module, I needed to edit each
.pc file so 
that :

prefix=[local path to module]

... now, what's this all about ? 
You can figure out this path implicitly from the location of the .pc file !


/awaits severe flaming

GIMP itself is an excellent cross plaform app. The build system however
looks like it 
needs a little work.

Best regards,


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