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>>> Finally, opening and storing data files.
> See section 6.6 of the R5RS. Working with external files is handled via the
> use of pipes.

A problem which I encountered with TinyScheme's character I/O is that  
the 'read-char' and 'write-char' functions perform UNICODE  
conversions, making it impossible to read and write "binary" data  
files. The R5RS specification doesn't seem to address this but the  
TinyScheme implementation does seem to cripple the ability to read and  
write non-text files.

I had added a 'read-byte' command to my personal GIMP-2-4 [1] (I never  
got around to implementing 'write-byte') and would be happy to  
contribute patches to add such capability, if deemed appropriate/useful.

[1] http://flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com/GIMP/Temp/read-byte.diff.gz

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