Martin wrote:

> The layer mode combo box contains groups of layer modes. I fail to see
> the logic behind the current grouping and instead propose a new
> grouping. The new groups are:
> * Different alpha compositing methods
> * Modes that always gives a brighter result
> * Modes that always give a darker result
> * Overlay-like modes
> * Modes that can give completely different colors
> * Modes based on HSV/HSL.

grouping modes with similar results will help comparing and
goal-driven experimenting.

> The darker and lighter modes have been internally sorted based on how
> much they tend to affect the image, see end of mail.

is it then a coincidence you got implicitly almost every of
these groups labelled up by their first item (Lighten, Darken,
Overlay, Difference)? it is a good thing this is happening.

it is also good that as a result it is easier to guess what the
opposite of multiply is (screen). one thing that jars is that it
becomes clear that divide has no opposite/complementary mode.

> Attached to this mail is a patch that does this regrouping so you can
> try how it feels. Does anyone have any problems with me commiting  
> that?
> If not I will commit it to trunk within a few days.

the only thing I would change is to swap the order of Grain merge and
Grain extract. simply because it is explained as a workflow in that
order in the manual.

> New groups:
> Normal
> Dissolve
> Lighten Only
> Screen
> Dodge
> Addition
> Divide
> Darken Only
> Multiply
> Burn
> Subtract
> Overlay
> Soft light
> Hard light
> Difference
> Grain merge
> Grain extract
> Hue
> Saturation
> Color
> Value


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