peter sikking wrote:
> Martin wrote:
>> The darker and lighter modes have been internally sorted based on how
>> much they tend to affect the image, see end of mail.
> is it then a coincidence you got implicitly almost every of
> these groups labelled up by their first item (Lighten, Darken,
> Overlay, Difference)? it is a good thing this is happening.

No it was not a coincidence, I deliberatly put Lighten, Darken and
Overlay at the top of their groups to make them act like "labels".
Difference was more or less a coincidence though, but you're right in
that it makes a nice label as well since you can end up with completely
Different colors when using modes in that group.

> the only thing I would change is to swap the order of Grain merge and
> Grain extract. simply because it is explained as a workflow in that
> order in the manual.

Good point, I will swap those.

- Martin
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