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> David,
> as far as filters are concerned, I'd strongly, and that means __strongly__,
> suggest you to use keyboard shrotcuts to get to your filters.
This is definitely important. I'm working on it. It takes time to
arrange keyboard shortcuts efficiently; I have a color-coded SVG of a
keyboard with every important function arranged nearby. Mapping them
to keys takes a lot of thought.

> Yes,  stopping ytour work to configure keyboard shortcuts is a major pita, and
> that is why most people donį¹« do it in any software, even knowing it is
> possible. However, GIMP has setup a unique feature that was once available to
> all GTK+ applications:
> dynamic keyboard shortcuts.
I've tried dynamic keyboard shortcuts, and in my experience they
result in the same effect as the filters recently-used menu. You
assign them on one image, then go to another image and find they are
wrong. Or you use the wrong one, or accidentally reassign a really
important shortcut (like Undo.). IME, the limit of dynamic shortcuts
is the ability of the user to remember them.. my limit seems to be
about 1.
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