On Tuesday 04 November 2008, David Gowers wrote:
> Hi vabijou,
> On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 2:21 AM, vabijou2 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > peter sikking wrote:
> >> the only thing I would change is to swap the order of Grain merge and
> >> Grain extract. simply because it is explained as a workflow in that
> >> order in the manual.
> >
> > I would also like to see a dynamically updated list at the top of the
> > list that shows the last 3-5 used blend modes under a heading of
> > "Recent:".  This may be outside the scope of the OP's original
> > suggestion, but for many users there are a select few modes that are used
> > frequently, and having to dig through a long list slows things down.
> I am such a user, and I say: This is a change I do not want, it would
> reduce my working speed further.
> This is because of the way recently-accessed lists work -- the most
> recent is at the top. This means unless I am constantly selecting
> *the* most recent (instead of eg. 2nd most recent), where I have to
> click to achieve the same result changes, because my choice reorders
> the list.
> In conjunction with locking functionality (so that your later choices
> no longer change the order or content of the recent-list), this could
> be effective. I would honestly like similar locking functionality for
> the recent-filters-list .. the constant disordering is just so
> confusing and slow that I usually find it faster to select from the
> original menu path.. which defeats the purpose.

as far as filters are concerned, I'd strongly, and that means __strongly__, 
suggest you to use keyboard shrotcuts to get to your filters. 
Yes,  stopping ytour work to configure keyboard shortcuts is a major pita, and 
that is why most people donṫ do it in any software, even knowing it is 
possible. However, GIMP has setup a unique feature that was once available to 
all GTK+ applications: 
dynamic keyboard shortcuts. 
Just enable these once in preferences, and you will never again have to selct 
a single filter in the thrid menu level more than once. The tooltip on the 
edit->preferences->interface option that enable these shortcuts is self 

As for layer combination modes...Martin, is there any clean way of allowiyng 
setting keyboard shortcuts to layer combiantion modes? That ḋ be a nice 
feature to have.


> David

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