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> peter sikking wrote:
>> the only thing I would change is to swap the order of Grain merge and
>> Grain extract. simply because it is explained as a workflow in that
>> order in the manual.
> I would also like to see a dynamically updated list at the top of the list
> that shows the last 3-5 used blend modes under a heading of "Recent:".  This
> may be outside the scope of the OP's original suggestion, but for many users
> there are a select few modes that are used frequently, and having to dig
> through a long list slows things down.

I am such a user, and I say: This is a change I do not want, it would
reduce my working speed further.
This is because of the way recently-accessed lists work -- the most
recent is at the top. This means unless I am constantly selecting
*the* most recent (instead of eg. 2nd most recent), where I have to
click to achieve the same result changes, because my choice reorders
the list.

In conjunction with locking functionality (so that your later choices
no longer change the order or content of the recent-list), this could
be effective. I would honestly like similar locking functionality for
the recent-filters-list .. the constant disordering is just so
confusing and slow that I usually find it faster to select from the
original menu path.. which defeats the purpose.

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