On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 3:25 PM, Pablo Yaggi <pya...@alsurdelsur.com> wrote:
> So, there will be no case of somebody passing the
> RUN-(NON)INTERACTIVE parameter to my script, will be ?
> If that is the case, why the pdb browser is showing as the
> first parameter to my scrypt the run-mode, isn't it confusing ?
> Shouldn't the pdb browser hide that for scripts-fu ?

Script-fu has no special status, it's just an extension to gimp
In fact, Gimp-Python has been the standard recommended language interface
for quite a while now.

Python scripts or C plugins can call your script NONINTERACTIVE or INTERACTIVE
It's simply that script-fu automatically fills in the run_mode, and
provides no way for you to change it.

in Python, you can call interactively like this

pdb.script_fu_something (image, drawable, (more parameters...), run_mode = 0)

for example.

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