> Script-fu has no special status, it's just an extension to gimp
> In fact, Gimp-Python has been the standard recommended language interface
> for quite a while now.
Will it be deprecated some time soon ?
Gimp-python is packed as an optional package in mi distro (mandriva) besides
you need python installed, script-fu is supported in the gimp core, that
sounds like python being the extension, don't you think ?
> Python scripts or C plugins can call your script NONINTERACTIVE or
> INTERACTIVE It's simply that script-fu automatically fills in the run_mode,
> and provides no way for you to change it.
I think that is not strictly the case, because run_mode is not available 
inside the script, and in the pdb-browser is shown as the first argument
so it will be no valid for python either, if the order of your example 
parameters is correct. Also the pdb-browser its a helper 
for the console (it launches from there), but entering commands in the
console prompt like it shows, in many cases (when calling other scripts)
you get errors.


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