Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 10:00 +0100, Iljoa wrote:
>>> It would be nice to have but getting this feature to work good requires
>>> quite a bit of work both on GIMP and Inkscape.
>> How much work exactly?
> The point is that given the amount of active developers on GIMP we have
> enough feature proposals to work on for the next two decades. And each
> of those features appears more important than adding yet another way to
> exchange paths between GIMP and Inkscape. So the best thing we can do at
> this point is to ask the Inkscape developers to add a way to get a path
> back into GIMP easily.
>> But I see also a problem: The paths in GIMP seem to support only a
>> trackle of the svg format.
> What do you mean, a trackle of the SVG format? Can you be more specific
> about this, please?
> Sven

SVG is not just a <path>...</path> but a full blown xml spec that
includes javascript and DOM. How much of that is handled by GIMP?

I'm also unaware of the word trackle but I think the meaning is clear.


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