On Saturday 10 January 2009 16:03:32 David Gowers wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 12:10 AM, Alpár Jüttner <al...@cs.elte.hu> wrote:
> >> GIMP is GPL and has always been. If you don't like the GPL license, for
> >> whatever reason, then you should not contribute to this project.
> >
> > Interesting. I knew that GIMP developers must accept GPL as the license
> > of GIMP, but it is new to me that they are also required like it.
> Do not twist Sven's words.
> All he said was, in effect, 'if the license bothers you, it's not wise
> for you to contribute to this project.' It's not a matter of GIMP
> project policy or requirements, simply a matter of having the personal
> judgment and wisdom to contribute either wholeheartedly or not at all.

This is called "all-or-nothing thinking" and is the signature cognitive 
fallacy of Perfectionism, and as documented in "Feeling Good" by David Burns 
(see http://www.shlomifish.org/philosophy/books-recommends/#feeling_good ) can 
cause depressions and other mood disorders.

It's normally impossible to contribute to something wholeheartedly, so 
according to your logic, I should not contribute to anything at all because 
I'll always have reservations. I contributed to GIMP despite its choice of 
licence, because I like using it, and because it's the best of breed among 
open-source image manipulation programs, and because I think its choice of 
licence does not really affect its use, and because I wanted to make it 

I should note that GIMP is not the only GPLed product I've contributed to.

Would I prefer it if GIMP was under a different licence? Yes, but I'm still 
happily contributing to it despite that. I'm not required to like every aspect 
of a project in order to contribute to it. There are very few if any perfect 
projects out there, so I have to settle with ones that are not perfect but 
still pretty good.


        Shlomi Fish

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