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> So finally, I hereby suggest to move to GPL3 asap.
> Comments from any developers appreciated.

Personally, I would welcome such a change.

The licensing specified in the files app/gui/ige-mac-menu.[ch] appears  
to be LGPL2.1 with no "or later" clause. LGPLv2.1 permits, without any  
further authorization, changing the code's license to later GPL  
versions (but apparently not subsequent LGPL versions); so the  
copyright holder's permission isn't strictly necessary to relicense  
the code as GPL3, but it would seem appropriate and courteous to check  
if they wouldn't rather add the "or later" option to their LGPLv2.1  
code (obviating the need to re-license as GPL3). The copyright holder  
of those files is Imendio; perhaps Andreas Nilsson could address this  
(otherwise it should be possible to make contact with the copyright  
holders through their developer forums @  

The intltool-merge.in and intltool-update.in files are GPLv2-only  
(intltool-extract.in includes the "or later" option). I don't know if  
they would need to be re-licensed. I suspect not as they are just  
build scripts and aren't technically part of GIMP's source (this could  
be wrong).

I have not uncovered any other files that were not offering the "or  
later" option (I will do a more thorough search this weekend).


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