2009/1/10 gg <g...@catking.net>:
> gimp is released under GPL, if someone submits thier work to the project
> they understand this and hence chose , of their own free will , that the
> work they submit will be distributed in this way. Most of those who
> contribute presumably see this as a positive thing rather than something
> they "must accept". They re not "required to like" it but presumable
> actually do like it, otherwise it would seem foolish to contribute
> (unless perhaps they are being blackmailed , tortured or otherwise force
> to do so against their will).
> So , no, they are not required to like it, they can actually, really
> hate it and still contribute under duress.

I'm afraid some people may take that the wrong way. It is certainly
possible to hate the GPL but love GIMP, and thus still contribute. I
wouldn't consider that to be contribution under duress.

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