A quick note about gegl-sampler-sharp (a.k.a. nohalo-bilinear level
1): I just checked, and it does a pretty good job at mild


I am not convinced, far from it actually, that NEDI will do better
than nohalo level 1 when the enlargement ratio is moderate (no larger
than about 3), and I am pretty confident that higher level nohalos
will actually do better across the board. It almost certainly will be
much slower.

So: I am not sure it really is worth your while implementing them for
GEGL, given that their aims are pretty much the same, and the means
are not completely different..

(Warning: I am highly biased: I am the main designer of the nohalo
method. I also stand to be corrected: nohalo is still too young for me
to really know its character. Note that nohalo-bilinear level 1 used
on a CG picture which is "writing like"---as opposed to a photograph
of a natural scene---is >>not<< likely to give impressive results.)

Nicolas Robidoux
Universite Laurentienne

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