I see there are functions in the pdb to access parasites.

I am working on a script that I would like to maintain a global value
for that will persist between images and thought I could create a
global parasite.

I used this:
(car (gimp-parasite-find "exif-orientation-rotate"))

and got:
("exif-orientation-rotate" 1 "yes")

And looking at 
I am guessing the structure as presented in the pdb...

I tried to add my own global parasite by using

(gimp-parasite-attach (list "test-counter" 1 123))
and get an error "Invalid type for argument 1 to gimp-parasite-attach"
which makes me think it doesn't want a list....or I don't know how to
construct a parasite in scheme.

Can someome point me to a sample of handling parasites in scrip-fu?


-Rob A>
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