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> "Untagged RGB" will be confused with tagging for data resources.
> We should better use a title like "No Embedded Color Profile".

"Untagged" is used in Adobe Photoshop.
I think that the other phrase may be used, but, individually, I wants
more short phrase.

> And the working space profile is not used "temporarily". 
> We need to find a better phrase to describe thatGIMP uses the default 
> workspace profile due to the fact the the image has no embedded
> color profile.

I think that is "temporarily" *for the image*.
The image and a workspace are less related by the GIMP.
After editing the image, that relation will be lost. When re-opening
the image with the GIMP, the image will be related with the workspace
that specified at the time.

If I use the other phrase, it is as follows:

"GIMP assumes that "Adobe RGB (1998)" (workspace profile) is embedded."

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