I saw that IPTC data got stripped out and thought that it was the same 
for EXIF.  It does seem that GIMP should allow one to view this information.

I could see additional tabs/buttons under View -> Image Properties that 
would show the EXIF info along with showing and editing the IPTC data.

I had have not used ExifTool before, it is nice but for adding different 
comments to different images as part of IPTC data etc I think something 
integrated into GIMP would be much better along the lines of IrfanView.

thanks for the response.


Owen wrote:
>> I have been watching and searching for a while but have not found much
>> so I decided to ask.
>> Is IPTC and EXIF support on the road map for GIMP in the near future?
>> It looks like that information is currently stripped out of an image
>> if
>> the image is edited in GIMP.
>> I would be nice if GIMP supported keeping the IPTC and EXIF
>> information
>> along with viewing it.
> With regard to exif data, there is an option in the jpeg save as
> dialog to retain or strip out the exif data
> Out of curiousity I just converted a jpg with exif to png then ran
> exiftool against it and got out some of the exif data, so I am not
> sure your "strip out exif data" is a correct statement
> AFAIK, exif support has been in gimp for years. IPTC is something new,
> though I think exiftool handles it
> Owen
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