I have been watching and searching for a while but have not found much 
so I decided to ask.

Is IPTC and EXIF support on the road map for GIMP in the near future?

It looks like that information is currently stripped out of an image if 
the image is edited in GIMP.

I would be nice if GIMP supported keeping the IPTC and EXIF information 
along with viewing it.

It would be absolutely great if GIMP supported Editing the IPTC info.

I have had to cut down my use on GIMP if I suspect the image has IPTC 
data.  Something that I am seeing more am more photographers use.  
Currently i check the image with another program like IrfanView or 
something else for IPTC data before choosing to use GIMP.

I know the developers are busy, but was wondering if that was on the plans.

I would love to offer my coding services, but I have not done any good 
coding in years and I suspect you would not want anything I even 
attempted to do :)

I do want to thank the developers for all the hard work they have put 
into such a great product.



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