Sven wrote:

> As I said already, I agree with you in all points and I am all for
> changing this. But I wanted you to provide a better workflow example  
> to
> persuade the UI team to give OK for this change. Peter, what do you
> think?


what I first of all think is that the channels dialog needs to be
split in two: a channels dialog and a stored-selections dialog.

that would make the concept of storing your selections a million time
more comprehensible and usable. the selections dialog can stay there
in the dock and channels one can become an optional one.
it would not be bad to show the current (unstored) selection in
the selections dialog as well.

apart from backward compatibility with scripts, this does not look
like a huge amount of development effort.

back to the question:

quickmask is where selections become tangible pixels, so that is
main place to modify those selection pixels.

saving a selection to channels (or better, selections) should have

- blinking the channels/selections dialog: good
- showing the channels/selections dialog as the top: rather not
- making in the channels dialog case the new selection/channel the
   the active drawable: no.


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