Sven wrote:

>> what I first of all think is that the channels dialog needs to be
>> split in two: a channels dialog and a stored-selections dialog.
> Having them in one dialog is admittedly somewhat confusing, but it  
> is an
> established standard for pixel manipulation programs.

this may look to you like we are only shuffling the furniture,
but I cannot overstate how much this change is needed in the interest
of usability:

really. I am not exaggerating.

a significant portion of our core user group will perceive this as
we added selection management for the first time. the mind-boggling
way it works now simply makes it a non-starter for them.
non-starter = does not exist.

for the significant portion of our core user group who have come
to terms with the current way of working this change will be a
welcome speed-up of their workflow, because GIMP does not make
them think anymore in this regard.


> I don't think we
> should change that. It would only waste space.

if you want to make a usefulness/space calculation:

as I said before, channels would no longer be in the dock by default,
because AFAIK this dialog would be looking for a new important job.
instead there is the selections dialog in the same space (icon: the
red selection). with the significant increase in usefulness that I
expect, the space wasting is decreasing.

>> saving a selection to channels (or better, selections) should have
>> feedback:
> We should also display a message in the status-bar telling the user  
> that
> the selection has been copied along wit the name that was chosen for  
> it.

yep. all bits help.


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