Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> A tool should work out of box and help getting the work done right
> away. When people rely on customization instead, they *usually* create
> interfaces that require customization *before* you actually can start
> doing anything.
Okay i agree on that.
I really would love gimp to work as i need it to do right from the start.
but as many like it to work otherwise that won't be happening soon ;)

but with dialogs dockable as a default (without settings) i would not mind.
(dockable in a main window i mean) ;)

Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> What I suggest you is to look really well at your proposal: it
> basically boils down to making a good deal of proposed functionality
> not obvious. And while having side-by-side views definitely has a
> place in workflow of an art-director or a collage designer, hiding
> correspondent prefs would be a nightmare.
okay, i see your point.
so let's not use preferences but a nice icon to enable that view ;)
i think i like that even better.

(and just one (maybe clustered) transform-tool icon instead of the 6 now)

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