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>> A tool should work out of box and help getting the work done right away.
> But if each time you take your tool out of the box, it's behavior has
> changed, you cannot use it. So maybe you are creating a thing new users can
> play with, but please keep in mind that there are people currently using the
> tool !!!

I feel justified to reply only to this one, but it basically covers
all of your email. You seem to be separating users into two groups: 1)
those who like GIMP the way it is now and do not want any other UI and
2) new users who don't care what the previous UI looked like. And you
seem to be in the first group. Too bad, because this distinction is
incorrect. There's plenty of actual GIMP users who desperately want a
better UI , a lot of users who kind of don't mind a new UI and a whole
lot of users who don't know yet how much they will love a new UI.

Now regarding old tool/new tool. Do you know what is one of most
disgusting things in applications like ACD Canvas that are over 20
years old? It's the ugly way their developers never ever refine them.
Just like you say they keep all the old tools, all the old behaviours,
everything they don't feel comfortable to throw away. And it piles up.
How about "A" hotkey that is in use by three (sic!) different tools
depending on tool group? How about 3-level nested toolbox? How about
separate erasers for bitmap and vector objects? These applications
become a horror to use for both old-timers and novices.

Now please give this a lot of thought before replying.

P.S. Shouting is of no help in this list.

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